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This section is for describing all current projects being worked on by the Publicist team, including all continuously running projects such as this wiki. It will display updates, changes, and information.


The current top project by the Publicist team, managed by Raple and Silent.

The wiki began in November of 2017, being brought back as a successor to the original MPGH wiki which was discontinued in 2014. This new wiki is designed to bring forth information about every aspect across MPGH, such as the marketplace, rule and regulations, the game sections themselves, and even various users of the MPGH community.

Change Log

  • Wiki begins as a private alpha, only accessible to the Publicist team. [Mid November, 2017]
  • Wiki is released with a base set of content as a public beta. [November 29th, 2017]
  • Framework for the gaming sections begins. [November 30th, 2017]
  • New editors begin being hired for gaming sections, work on gaming sections begins. [December 1st, 2017]

MPGH Minecraft Server

The newest project by the Publicist team, managed by Raple, Allura, and Silent.

The MPGH Minecraft server has been a project on several different occasions, with one instance being a Skyblock variant, and another being a raiding variant. The newest installment of the MPGH Minecraft server is currently Skyblock only, but plans to expand into a multiple game-type server that makes it easy to swap in between. Some of these game mode ideas include Survival, Factions/Raids, Mini-games, and even possibly a solo, quest driven adventure map made by the Publicists that will possibly give rewards on the other servers.

Change Log

  • The MPGH Minecraft server is paid for, and development begins. [November 30th, 2017]
  • Official Beta is released to the public. [December 11th, 2017]