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The user Ahlwong has been a staff member for over a year.

From mid of 2014, Ahlwong was given the opportunity to become a Realm of the Mad God Wiki Editor up until the entire wiki was disbanded.

During 2014, he helped out in a staff dispute which lead to Liz encouraging him to apply for Middleman.

In late 2015, Ahlwong was given the opportunity to join the News Force which eventually lead him to becoming an Editor for the News Force just under a year later in August of 2016. During that month, he applied to become a Middleman which resulted in him being promoted to the rank in September of 2016.

Ahlwong's goal to become a Realm of the Mad God Minion finally came true in November of 2016. With lots of time for him to spare, he applied for Minecraft Minion in February of 2017 and became the new Minecraft Minion. Shortly after in April of 2017, he was promoted to Marketplace Minion and Minion Plus.

When the Global Moderator applications came out in September of 2017, he applied for the position, and was given the promotion to Global Moderator.

Current Positions


You may contact Ahlwong through the following: